Highly Reliable Product Line for business

Our components have been researched and tested for superior performance and reliability. Our Commitment to quality is never ending. We do not use parts that are sold on discount sites or are off brand. Our manufacturers stand behind their parts as well as we do! The result is a high quality product that we are comfortable selling to our friends and neighbors’. We Guarantee it!

Fast Build Times

Finch Computers has inventory for most if not all of the parts your new computer will require. We have set the standard for quick set up and ship times With a turnaround of only 3-5 business days on nearly all our new system orders, you can be up and running in no time.

Completely clean OS installation

We know our customers don’t have a need to be bogged down by loads of trial software installations, advertisements and promotional offers that our Competitors install simply for the supplemental income. Finch Computers refuses to offer our customers anything except a clean install to ensure maximum performance each and every time.

Latest Drivers, Patches and Security Packs Applied

Finch Computers ensures that all drivers, patches and service packs are 100% up to date before any computer is handed over to our customers.

Thought out assembly and cable routing standards

Finch Computers has perfected computer assembly with special attention given to cable routing. When you open the side of your PC we want you to see a clean, organized structure.

Quality control checklist

When you are building and shipping a large amount of systems daily, it can be a challenge to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. Finch Computers follows a comprehensive checklist, making sure that your system will be perfect upon arrival.

Burn-In Process

Each and every system that Finch Computers builds is tested to verify that all hardware and software components are fully functional, even under the harshest conditions.

Please feel free to call us at [204] 257-7279 with any inquiries you may have or to request a quote.